Friday, 14 December 2018

A big thank you and festive wishes to you all

So many organisations start winding down as Christmas approaches. But not the NHS, and certainly not Pennine Care.

I know things are as busy as ever for us, and I'm conscious how tired people are feeling. So I hope you all manage to find some time relaxing and recuperating over the festive period, or doing something that makes you feel good, if relaxing is not your thing. Not everyone's idea of fun is a film binge day in pyjamas, with sugar overload (although it certainly appeals to me!).

We've now had the last staff engagement sessions for this year, in advance of our final position paper going to our board for approval next Wednesday. We'll then share the paper with you, and keep you fully involved, updated and supported as the transfer and strategy development plans progress in 2019.

My booked slots with individuals and teams, as part of the exec director drop-in day last week, were interesting. I was expecting people to come with understandable queries and concerns, and it was good to discuss how the changes might impact on them. But I also had others arriving with exciting ideas about developing their future services, as well as asking how they could positively help and support the transition.

Thank you to everyone who has fed in views and feedback. It's been constructive in many different ways; from informing our communications plan to resulting in a commissioning decision about our #Thrive children and young people’s emotional well-being service.

Rochdale CCG has just confirmed that they want the #Thrive service to remain with Pennine Care, as part of a new contract aligned to our Healthy Young Minds service. The #Thrive service is currently part of community services, but everyone has recognised the  benefits of this staying with us. 

It was also great to find out that we're getting £4.8m from the government to help build a new 12-bedded male psychiatric intensive care unit. This was the only capital development proposal supported in Greater Manchester and will help us help patients at a desperately critical point in their lives; and ensure that we have dedicated facilities for both males and females.

This is my last blog of the year, as the holiday period begins.

I know it's been a tough year, with changes, challenges and developments. And next year will undoubtedly be another challenging one. But I know we have a fantastic workforce that will rise to that.

We now know our direction of travel and I am hugely hopeful about our future. But, we need to ensure we get there in a positive way, supporting all of you - whether you are transferring or staying - with  openness, clarity, sensitivity, fairness and kindness.

We need to make sure we take care of each other every step of the way as best we can.
Thank you for everything you have achieved this year. I never cease to be amazed and humbled by your skills and dedication. For those of you who are working during the holiday period, a special thank you, it is much appreciated. 

I wish you a really wonderful Christmas - have fun, do what makes you happy, and rest.

Best wishes
Claire Molloy