Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Video blog Q&A - April 2015

My first video blog (or vlog as they are also known I am told) is now ready for viewing!  

Thank you to the members of staff who sent in questions, I have tried to summarise and answer them in this video, but there were quite a few so there will be another video blog coming soon too.  

It's the first time I have done a video blog and was a bit hesitant about being on camera, but hopefully it helps to answer some of your queries. 

In this Q&A I talk about what the Five Year Forward View means for us at Pennine Care, how we are supporting hospital pressures, why partnership working is so important, what whole person care means to me, integration of community and mental health services and what's the one thing I would like us to focus on as a Trust. 

It's only seven minutes, so not too long.  I would really like to hear your feedback and further questions. This is all part of building our communication and engagement with staff and partners so we can plan together for the future.

Thank you,