Friday, 11 January 2019

Winds are changing and stars are aligning: our Trust is set for a big year

So 2019 is the Chinese year of the pig!

Not exactly the most exotic or cuddly animal. But, forget Miss Piggy and think more Piglet because the Chinese new year pig represents honesty, sincerity, and bravery.

I believe you all have these powerful, positive characteristics in bucket loads, and they will be hugely beneficial throughout this year of transition and change.

I know that when the festive cheer of Christmas has faded, the prospect of a long January can leave even the most positive of us feeling flat. Cold, dreary weather, and too much Christmas food and drink can leave people feeling sluggish and overweight. Plus, I’m aware many people felt really tired at the end of 2018 and, on top of that, there are plenty of winter lurgies going around. I was struck down with norovirus over Christmas which was pretty horrible.

Its therefore more important than ever that we all look after ourselves and each other. Let’s call it a joint new year ‘wellbeing’ resolution, to sit alongside any others we all might have.

I know some of you are already doing RED January and Dry January for the month and hope you’re already feeling the benefits? Incorporating wholesome habits into our daily routine can also provide a pick-me-up, from taking proper breaks to connecting with people.

Like a lot of you, I will be trying my best to be healthier in 2019, and so I’ve agreed with Evelyn, our Chair, that I will be temporarily reducing my hours of work to four days a week in order to spend a bit more time with family. So, I won’t be in on Thursdays, when Henry our medical director will head up things as current deputy chief executive; supported by other  exec director colleagues. Work is hugely important to us all, but we all need to find ways of balancing that with life outside and things that bring us joy and energy and most importantly perspective.

According to Chinese astrology 2019 should also be a year full of joy, friendship and love, as well as a good year to make money and invest, as the pig attracts success in all spheres of life. Which sounds just the ticket! They do say that the only ‘dark side’ to the pig is its stubbornness. Personally, I think that a bit of stubbornness, when its firmly wrapped around ‘doing the right thing’ and sticking to your values, is not necessarily a bad trait.

I’m not really into astrology or horoscopes, but it’s spooky that Mary Poppins is back on the big screen after 25 years and interestingly both actresses Julie Andrews and Emily Blunt were born in the year of the pig. The film is predicted to be a huge box-office success because of its timely message of joy and hope. Its message is set against the backdrop of the film’s only certainty, that whatever happens, the wind will change.

So, here’s to joy and hope, a positive wind of change and your wellbeing in the year of the pig (and the occasional spoonful of sugar….).

Best wishes
Claire Molloy


  1. Thanks Claire and very best wishes to all our wonderful staff for 2019?
    Mike Livingstone

  2. yes it would be nice to have a work life balance but unfortunately I was refused mine!

  3. Thank you for your comment. We are absolutely committed to ensuring a work/life balance for all of our staff, however managers have to consider each request on an individual basis and balance these with the need to ensure we provide a quality service to patients and service users.